In the last newsletter, we looked at some aspects of fear. The biggest fear we have, I believe, is the fear of death, sometimes not for ourselves, but perhaps the thought of someone dear to us dying can be a cause for anxiety, sadness, stress, and worry.

Considering the uncertain times we are passing through and the terrifying news about imminent deaths, it is better to face the monster and look at it right in the eye and at least try to understand what we are facing.

Is it even a monster?  

In his book called “Life After Death”, Dada J.P. Vaswani gives some extremely important insights about Death and what it is. The exciting part about this which I am about to share with you is, that these parts have been highlighted by none other than Beloved Bauji. You might know that he used to underline and put big check marks at places in the book he was reading perhaps to let us know that we should pay special attention to them and also because he was stressing the truth behind those words.

So I took the following parts for all of us to read and digest.

In the part that precedes this, Dada Vaswani assures us there is NO DEATH, but a continuation, an awakening from a dream and a certainty for each and every soul sooner or later. Everything is an illusion, including this body form.
He tells us that, in fact, we should rejoice that our consciousness is going to find its true home.

Suffering is the result of not taking time to realize that all is an illusion, and how we should prepare for the life beyond, to awaken from the dream. This is not something we should shove under the carpet but understand by contemplation and meditation of who/what we are. Dada Vaswani gives the following three practical suggestions on how we should make the most of this life, and each day prepare for our life in eternity!  Joyfully!!!! 
This last paragraph has three checkmarks!!!!!
Suggestion #2
Suggestion #3

Be a blessing to others.

In the measure that you become unselfish,

in that measure, your heart expands.

Please Stay In. Please Stay Safe. Please Wash your Hands. Please Keep your Distance.
Stay in the moment! 

Trust the gods within.
Accept given Boons
Illusion is Reality’s border
Pierce fear to go beyond- 365 Tao

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