Treasure of Song

Professor Puran Singh Ji calls Guru Granth Sahib a Treasure of Song – isn’t that imagery just fascinating. What gems this treasure chest contains! We just have not had the time or place to excavate them. It requires an immense desire to know your Guru Sahibs¬†intrinsically and in turn become joy filled and grateful recipients of their blessings.¬†

We certainly have the time now! How about joining in an online SGGS path! However this is not going to be an ordinary reading only, it will be done in a slowwwww manner. One page at a time.

Let me explain.

Khoj means to look at something in detail, like we do scientific research. This takes painstaking effort but it surely pays off! Bauji spent months to finish his khoj Рhe made detailed notes on each page, just so that he could grasp the intricate details of the embodied messages.

What I am proposing is a collective khoj, but in a different manner, since we now have technology and good old SikhiToTheMax. Our mahapurakhs did not have that luxury.

So here is what I mean:

  1. On this spreadsheet, sign up for a page or two (or more!!) from our precious treasure chest.
  2. Download the template of the page here, on which you will first handwrite as beautifully as you can each line, first in Punjabi (doesn’t matter if you don’t write nicely – learn!) with a very fine tip Black pen and then in English in a fine tip red pen. Translations will be all from SikhiToTheMax.
  3. As you read, make notes on a separate paper – your own thoughts and feelings and how it might be possible to implement the lessons you have learned from those pages in your life.
  4. Submit one page at a time, using one of two methods: If you have a Gmail account, use this form. If you do not have a Gmail account, please email your images directly to me at
  5. Your name will be added in a draw for a grand prize and 5 runner up ones!! This will all be collaborated at the end and mounted in frames and displayed.

So what do you think? Are you game?