Learning to be Aligned with the Divine Will


To a certain degree most of us are aware of the story of our Tenth Master, the tribulations and sacrifices He and His family went through. However, we are not aware of the story of a brave soldier, khalsa Spirit, a Sikh lady, who fought courageously with the demons of her mind  and learnt to align herself with the Divine Will as she faced adversities life brought her; each one bringing her closer to the ultimate moments of revelation of the Divine Light.

Who was this Sikh Lady?

Bhai Vir Singh, in his majestic way of prose writes the tale of this beautiful soul. It is called “Sat Aukhian Ratan” -“Seven Difficult Nights”. It is a historic eye-opener; a gloriously inspiring story which always leaves me feeling at first quite  sentimental and then immensely hopeful and uplifted in spirits.   

It is a bit long too read in the time we have allotted for the webinar, but at the request from some of you i thought it might be a good idea to introduce you to the story here in the newsletter, and then allow you to read the first few pages as preparation. This will allow us to dive right into this beautiful story and we will have ample time to finish and discuss it too. 

I will let you to figure out exactly who this lady is!

Click here and it will take you to the first four pages of the story. Please please do read them. It will take you about 15 min-20 min. 

Bhai Vir SIngh ji is a magician with words that transport you, calm you, flow over you and moreover have the capacity to bring you to awareness, consistently elevating your consciousness.

Come feel the magic of our Mahapurakh’s! 



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