“That is the mystery of grace: it never comes too late. –
François Mauriac (1885-1970)

Where there is grace, there is an inner contentment filled with feelings of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Feelings that sprout from His Presence (Yaad- Rememberance). Sadly, we can get so caught up in the daily tasks of life that we are left feeling depleted of these feelings. When we let the depleted feelings take hold of us and allow it to rule our days, we are basically squeezing God out (Bhul – Absence).

It is not easy to let go, to trust God’s grace to carry us where we want to go.

I have a confession to make. 

I fill up my days with too many things to do, something i picked up from the culture around me. I learnt that to be productive, to do as much as possible was to be efficient. I must say I am a super multi-tasker. I used to believe that these qualities were great tools to have, especially if you were juggling many tasks at the same time but now I am struggling to let go of these habits. I realize that I need to slooooowww down. Something a very dear friend of mine tried to instill in me many many times but like a dog’s tail which never can be straightened as much as you try, i too continue to be super busy.

Knowing about something is one thing, but actually putting it in action is another. I know that if I want to be more aware of my actions, feelings, emotions, surroundings, His omnipresence that I must stop, take a breath every so often and BE – just BE and take the time to feel. Do each task, one at a time – for example, if i am brushing my teeth, then just do that with full awareness, rather than be thinking of making the bed. Here’s an example of how my mind flutters around when I am in ‘Absence’ – I rush to make my bed, but because my mind is not on what I am doing, I am already anxious about the next thing I need to do.

Where’s the love?

I know intellectually that I have two choices: I can enjoy my life while He takes care of what needs to be done or I can labor and struggle in vain. I know that worrying and trying to make it happen will not make it come any faster. I also know that to worry is to torment oneself with disturbing thoughts and is a clear indicator that God is not present (Bhul – Absence). I know that my priorities are misplaced, and that they often rob me of my peace and enjoyment in my life.

Peace begins with our keeping priorities straight moment by moment.

It is a challenge to thoroughly enjoy every moment that god gives us, and realize that everything is God and His Grace.

 “If we are not taking full advantage and enjoying
the beauty of a flower, it’s beautiful fragrance,
it’s enchanting colours like a bumble bee does
or a honey bee which knows how to get the nectar
out of the flower which is embedded within, then it
does not mean there is no Gur Prasad (Guru’s Grace)
It’s only because of our own doubts, philosophies,
limited intelligence and materialistic ways that we are
unable to enjoy this Grace. It is always there for us
to enjoy when ever we really take the time to do so.
It never goes away. In other words Grace in various
forms is always there, we have to have the intuitive
understanding to recognize it in its various forms”

Bauji ‘s lekh ‘gurpRswid (Gur Parsad- Guru’s Grace)

“A state of mind that sees God in everything
is evidence of growth in grace and a thankful heart.”
-Charles G. Finney (1792-1875)

Grace is always present
Grace never fails you or falters
Grace is the power behind the miracle
It is present in moments you feel alone
Grace is present during your most trying times
It is up to you to acknowledge it is always there
Grace is found in silence between breaths
Grace gently works behind the scenes
Grace does not look for applause or accolades, it does not waver
Once you open your heart to grace you can sense it everywhere
Grace comes through the gratitude you embrace in life blessings
A life of grace opens you to the wonders around you
The more you expect it the more you notice its presence.
Kind words and acts of service offer grace.
Grace is found in the compliment paid to the individual who was feeling down.
It is the smile of encouragement from a mentor, or a situation resolved in a fashion deemed impossible.
Grace is what links our hearts together.

There are things that we can do to help us live more in the Holy Spirit so that we can experience these wonderful gifts.

Every day may have a different and unique purpose. If we start by asking God to reveal it, we can then order the tasks of the day under His purpose and know how to approach them better, finding the grace in them so that even the most redundant and menial tasks will take on a sanctifying depth they hadn’t had before.

Every interaction we have with another person is a chance for us to see and serve God in them.

If we cannot learn to let the grace of God work for us in small areas we will never learn to let it work for us in big ones. God gives us all the grace we need for each day all we need to do is to learn to live our lives one day at a time. However,when we have to stand in faith and believe god for a breakthrough in a area, we want to know immediately when the answer will come. God’s answer is that it will come, one day at a time, one thing at a time.

“The whole crux lies in ‘yaad’ (Rememberence or Presence) or ‘bhul’ (Absence).

When we forget (Absence) our Divine Mother because of faithlessness, carelessness and ignorance, we interrupt the flow of Grace. Thus we are deprived of it as we no longer have any Spiritual communion with God. The fault lies not in the giver (God) but in the receiver (us).

When we remember (Presence) our Divine Mother with constant simran, then our soul becomes in-tune with the flow of Grace and we once again are able to feel the protective loving shelter of Divine Love”

Where there is Grace there is God
Where there is God there is Grace

Bauji ‘s lekh (Gur Parsad- Guru’s Grace)

Slowing down tips
1. A few times each day, sit back, close your eyes and breathe. Notice your breathing and how your body feels.
2. While working every so often look up, notice your body and your breathing.
3. Take a full lunch break. Try eating outside, or in a different place.
4. Take the time to forgive.
5. Take some time each week to enjoy nature. Hug a tree.
6. Before falling sleep try not to think about things that stimulate the thought processes.
7. Do as much simran as possible

Guru kirpa karan sadha sadha raho ang sangeh

With Warmest Nanak Love


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