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” Just like a sunbeam can’t seperate itself from the sun and a wave can’t seperate itself from the ocean, we can’t seperate ourselves from one another. We are all part of a vast sea of love, one indivisible divine mind”

M. Williamson

We so often hear, read and even intectually know that  we ourselves are Divine. Why is it that many of us have difficulty experiencing the joy of Divine Love?  Such a question was raised by an aspiring soul. What is the difference between human love and divine love?  Is it possible to differentiate the two and is it possible that both might be intertwined? Here is the question:

“Lately, I had been struggling with something that I noticed had been affecting my life a lot. It centers around the idea of expectations, especially from other people in regards to love. Although I know on the inside that one should not expect love from people, even if they are close to us and in a role that society suggests we should expect love from – such as a mother or close friend, for example, because I feel in the end we are all human and the love from human beings will always fall short of that Divine Love from God. Yet, getting the mind to acknowledge this fact is quite a different thing many times. Sometimes I feel so devoid of that Divine Love that  feeling uninspired or unable to get that love from gurbani, that I feel the mind or heart automatically turns to someone else or something else to fulfill its stores again. What is most frustrating is when one knows they need some spiritual love, but they somehow are not feeling it from gurbani, keertan, etc. at the moment or for several days. Perhaps I’ve rambled a bit, but I guess my main question is: how do you fulfill that love from a divine source when you are feeling uninspired (and perhaps unable to go to a samagam right away due to school, etc), and how do you have your mind let go of its expectation for love from people? 

First of all many many thanks for suggesting this topic. It is one we all struggle with from time to time and it gives us all the opportunity to refect on. Your question deals with the notion of love, and is manifold. May I take the liberty to divide it into two parts. The first part addresses the need to feel the love from others. An expectation of love, especially from those who are close to us (best friends, brothers, sisters, mother, father etc. The second part deals with the need to feel the love from God; Divine Love. 

The two types of needs are inter-related. If we could feel the divine love within us all the time then there would be no need for assurance from another source from without. The main dilemma is that we are not able to sustain the loving vibrations we might collect at a smagam for long and having experienced that fullness, the feeling of emptiness, dis- connectedness begins to present itself rather prominently often leaving us feeling lost and needy for assurance.

 Intectually we are all aware about what all scriptures tell us repeatedly; we are not only made in the image of the divine, but that the divine lover resides within us. We are loved unconditionally at all times. With our blinders (Bauji calls them tinted lenses) of illusion we cannot see or feel the divine presence. That which we call unreachable is reachable at any one instance in time if only we had the blinders off. Feeling the presence is an enigma, it is such a simple thing but so unattainaible. He never ever leaves us. We leave Him.images-1

We leave Him when blinders of jealousy, anger, doubt, complain, envy, self-centeredness surround us. When any such thoughts are allowed to take root in our minds, they permeate our soul creating a fog. He never leaves. He is always there waiting with loving arms ready to embrace us, to shower us with peace and bliss. Our ego separates us. When we then entertain any thoughts of not being able to feel the Divine Love, we get drawn into the viscious whirlpool of negative thoughts that take us even further away. Self examination always reveals reasons why we feel in a state of lovelessness. 

Seeds of Divine love are inherently planted in all of us. In order to grow and come to full fruition these seeds need cultivation. Just like any other seeds, the right conditions allow for this to happen. Good soil (sangat), ample water (simran), shelter from too much exposure to the wind or sun ( silence, solitude , fertilisers ( spiritual books, kirtan), keeping predators at bay ( alipat rehna ). The more we cultivate, the more the seeds will grow. If we don’t take the time for slowing down, to sit quietly, to reach within and to lovingly give thanks for all that we already have been given then when we feel the waves of lovelessness washing us asunder we must realise that the blame lies within. We leave Him, He is always present. 

Many of us may feel that that we have never experienced Divine Love in any tangible way. This is not true. We have all experienced Divine Love but have never recognised it. In fact we see it everywhere in the world if only we would notice. Some of us who are able to feel the divine presence through blissful feeling of utter peace, waves of warm embrace, assurance, completeness, unconditional acceptance, and a high vibration of love which sweeps through every cell in the body, where tears begin to flow from the love and beauty of the experience, for a moment in total union with the God presence within. We all strive for this feeling of oneness with our Divine lover, to actually feel the Divine Love radiating in and through our being.

Some of us may not who have experienced these moments of oneness but we have most certainly all experienced the joy of Divine love. We just need  to recognize it in other forms. Most of us have experienced love in some form whether it be from a lover, a spouse, a child, a mother, a father, aunt, uncle, or beloved friend. When we experience a tender moment with someone who we really love because of their unconditional love, kindness, patience, non-judgmental acceptance for who we are and what we believe, someone who is there for us, who has helped us through a trial in life or has taught us how to overcome and rise above the confusion of the world.  It is in these ones that we hold so dearly in our hearts that the divine love has been channelled to reach us.

Divine Love is a constant in the universe. He never leaves us.  The love showers down continually on all people in all places, but sadly some of us  live our lives with an open umbrella to shed this divine love through misunderstanding, selfishness, unbelief, logic, materialism, and all manner of distracting activities. stopBauji gives us the example of keeping ourselves away from the sunshine. If we choose to stay in the shade, then certainly we cannot reap the benefits of the attriibutes of the sun rays.  If only we can see the divine in every person, every animal every thing that happens to us, we will experience that blissful moment of complete oneness and unconditional love.

So going back to the above question about having the need to look for assurance and love from others are nothing but our materialistic expectations that prevent us from experiencing  unconditional love. We ourselves make up the conditions and then when they don’t get fulfilled, we get disaapointment. The need for assurance and love is equivalent to a fear of rejection, but as we all know FEAR, OBLIGATION and GUILT (FOG – bharam) are all paths that lead us away from our mothership or away from experinecing Divine love. If we can learn to forget, forgive, not expect but be grateful for all the minutest shows of appreciation and love, the moments of joyfullness will increase a thousandfold. 

Sit in the silence now, collapse your umbrella, and pray earnestly for this Divine Love to wash over you. If it doesn’t it is alright. Be patient, for we are the beggars, He the ever benevolent giver. No amount of throwing  fits will  win Him over. Your ability to be always in love, to be grateful, to be aware of negative thoughts, to be still, to listen, to see Him in others, is the magnet that draws His Divine presence.

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Dhan Guru Nanak 

Dhan Guru Nanak

Dhan Guru Nanak

sada ang sangeh sada ang sangeh sada ang sangeh sada ang sangeh sada ang

sada ang sangeh sada ang sangeh sada ang sangeh sada ang sangeh sada ang  


With Nanak Love




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