Fear of the unknown; change of life as we know it or the possible loss of a beloved one are genuine concerns that might be crossing our minds at this present time of uncertainty. Fear of anything is the root cause of anxiety, stress, worry, failure, and disease. 

Overcoming fear is something more than “not worrying”. 

Merely dismissing a thing from the mind for a time is not mastering it. Fear cannot be overcome by running away from whatever it is that is causing it by keeping ourselves preoccupied with other things either. 
So how can we understand fear in light of divine guidance provided by Gurbani? 

Fear must be faced; it must be met, challenged, and overcome. 
When this is accomplished, we generally find that there is no substance behind the fear.

What we have to do is to become perfectly fearless about the thing or threatened experience that causes the fear.

Is that possible? Absolutely – Let us not dodge the issues, let us meet life with resolution. How?

By an ongoing recognition and affirmation of the Divine power and discovering our centre of calm, our True Self.

This has to be done firmly until we have a consciousness of acceptance of the Divine Will and Love. This can only be realized through intuition with an ongoing practice of Simran, cultivated periods of pregnant Silence and Sangat. This inward realization is absolutely necessary; it is not about fighting against any experience but becoming unafraid towards it.

Go inwards and forward courageously to touch the bottom of every experience. Just like our Guru Sahibaan did!

Willingly face the issue (with complete acceptance and gratitude)  if and when it appears. Not merely bravely, but entirely without fear; welcoming the experience with co-operation, thanking God for it, and praising Him for it.

Fear is generated by a sense of uneasiness of impending difficult and alarming events, conditions or experiences, apprehensions, forebodings of impending evil. Those who know what to do, at once set to work to realize the truth about God- guru mere sang sadha hai naaleh. Not just singing it but knowing and believing it with complete and utter faith. If you continue to maintain this sense of peace, then, when the happening comes to pass, if it does, you will be led through it victoriously.  We can learn to live every moment in conscious realization of the presence of God. 

Realize that you are a spiritual being living in a spiritual universe, which is governed by spiritual laws upheld by spiritual powers.

This is no easy task and we forget every second – but through constant meditation, we begin to slowly but surely discover the truth; we are in this illusory world but yet not of it. There is protection for every step and our every need will be met. Are you familiar with the story of Bhagat Prahlad- he was placed in a fire but was left unscathed, because of His Inner realization.  BTW – this what is Holi festival is all about). He had overcome fear because of his realization.

If we only had the same faith and trust and the same absence of fear through a realization of the presence and power of God, the Reality, we too would be immune to all the ‘fires’ of the world too.

As the pandemic comes to full fruition it is inevitable that there will be those who are passing through alarming experiences – but the remedy is the same, and that is God – to throw oneself utterly and completely upon God. Thoughts of fear, or suggestions of evil, must not be dodged, for then they enter the subconscious to bring forth fruit after their kind in the outer life. What we must do is to meet the thought or suggestion boldly, bring it into the Light of Truth and let it dissolve it away.

Please Stay In. Please Stay Safe. Please Wash your Hands. 
Please Keep your Distance.

Stay in the moment! 
Trust the gods within. 
Accept given Boons
Illusion is Reality’s border

Pierce fear to go beyond
– 365 Tao

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