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What is a friend? Who is a friend?

What is the nature of friendship? How do we choose our friends?

Why is it that friendship seems to be essential to the human experience?

Children befriend everyone – not cognizant of learnt patterns of fear they see no divide and love unconditionally until they get touched with the intellect/mind. Our society, culture, media, advertising make us believe that we are abnormal if we don’t have enough connections or friends from where we derive the sense of wholeness, a sense of belonging, a sense of security. As children start to develop their ego consciousness, they too begin to firm up their sense of self, their identity and their profile. This is done through friendships, and relationships with a significant other. With a perceived sense of belief that we are somehow incomplete, we tend to believe that it is through our connection with others that we will find the sense of completion we believe is lacking. But we will never truly find that which we seek, if we only look outside ourselves.

We must, rather, turn our focus within and make our first priority “befriending” our own inner Self.

Gurbani instructs us in the following manner:

Be a friend even to your enemy. (bureh da bhala kar)….Why?

If we engage in animosity we only fuel the fire and it gets worse on both sides. Vibrations of hatred travel through the universe and anyone who tries to harm anyone else ends up harming themselves first.  One cannot hate others without first poisoning themselves. We have to remember that God resides even in our so called ‘enemy’ just as much as in our friend. When we can recognize God both in those who love us and in those who hate us, only then can we realize His Omnipresence. Only by recognizing that the same divine spark animates us all can we can hope to eliminate conflict, both within ourselves and with others. When we are tuned to love, no matter how many hateful vibrations are sent, we will not receive them. Remember the example Bauji gives us of tuning in to the right broadcasting station.

When we direct our focus toward discovering and befriending our own Self/Soul, we come to truly understand and embody our independence and individuality. When we understand the Self is the Force that animates us, that sees, hears, smells, touches, and tastes, that thinks our thoughts, and breathes our breath, we can allow ourselves to become dependent on the Divinity within us.

We are all very fortunate to have the constant guidance of our Beloved Masters – all we have to do is tune into the wisdom and let it guide us home. We are blessed to have their friendship. 



According to Dr. Martin Luther King in 1963 

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend”

The events of the past weeks have left us with heavy hearts, reeling from the injustice and heartbreak left by oppression. All our Sikh Masters have modelled for us compassionate behaviour as they themselves stood in solidarity with all who were being persecuted and exploited.  They have also shown us the path of “Love and Forgiveness”. Balancing the two is tricky but the only path that can lead to resolution of conflict both within and without – allowing Light/Naam to guide us when we feel overwhelmed with emotions of rage, despair, powerlessness, and grief.

Only by staying grounded and connected within can we offer any support  in this struggle, otherwise we are just adding to the raging inferno with our own burning feelings and emotions.

We can help by first grounding ourselves in the belief that we are all intrinsically Spirit/Awareness/Consciousness/Naam and that we are all connected.

As you cultivate love and peace, you add to the ether loving vibrations which help to negate vibrations of pain, anger and suffering – even if it is a little at a time, believe me you are helping. 

To be effective advocates of change we have to stay strong and proactive about our own emotional health and spiritual wellbeing. Only then can we become instruments of seva, instrumental in bringing peace in the world.

Your only task is to know your own SELF.


Please continue to practice social distancing!
Please Stay Safe. 
Wear a mask!
Please Wash your Hands.
Stay in the Moment. 
Eat well. Exercise. Laugh.  
Shukar! Shukar! Shukar!
With Warmest Nanak Love

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