Intuitional Realization


Most of us who have been attending the Sunday Sangat Webinars and reading the newsletters will be probably aware that much time and attention has been given towards understanding of the two realms -The Materialistic Realm and the Divine Realm. We all seem to know about these terms intellectually yet don’t really understand what is meant by Intuitional Realization. An enigmatic process – which can only by understood by each person when it is felt intrinsically because of a certain experience in their life. One cannot be taught, it has to be caught J

Intuition is said to be the gateway to inner realization, the only way we can find entrance to the Divine Realm. By and by, as more and more intuitive understandings dawn upon us, we begin to grasp the inherent meanings of Gurbani – it’s like using a map to find a treasure chest full of precious gems by unraveling hidden signs buried deep within us.

I am always most grateful when I receive your feedback and it brings me great joy when you share your own reflections. The following contribution from RPS last Sunday brings home the above point of Intuitional Realization.

What a valuable intuitional realization!

We only have this moment! Remain in it. Stay aware of it.

Nothing belongs to us and nothing is going to go with us. So why worry?

No one is ours and no one can help.

Yet we are not alone – not if we realize our Divine heritage.

Constantly remain in the consciousness of Presence.



Please continue to practice social distancing!
Please Stay Safe.
Wear a mask!
Please Wash your Hands.
Stay in the Moment. 
Eat well. Exercise. Laugh.  
Shukar! Shukar! Shukar!
With Warmest Nanak Love

Always looking forward to getting contributions from you all!!  

Please do share your thoughts.

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