The Music of the Heart


If our consciousness could be visualized, then perhaps it could be likened to a lotus flower. In the same manner as a bird flies in the sky without leaving any mark, a fish swims in the water without making any footprints, and the swan swims across the stream without getting wet similarly the lotus lives in murky waters but remains untouched. Gurbani urges us (our consciousness) to live in the materialistic world without being affected by it just like the lotus. This analogy of the lotus flower helps us better understand this Reality.

Everything exists in the Consciousness, rises from It, and finally merges back into It. Just as all the pictures thrown on the screen are visible by the light projected from a spot; similarly, the body and other objects are all visible in the reflected Consciousness.

The Heart-Lotus is the seat or the centre of the Infinite Consciousness. The enlightened souls (Gurus, Saints, Bhagat Jan) ) are likened to such a fully blossomed lotus flower; they remain untouched by the so called impurities of the material world (Maya, body-consciousness…), just like the lotus flower which remains untouched (unattached, uncontaminated, unaffected) by the slimy water. Just as the waves rise from the ocean, subsist in the ocean and then merge back into the ocean; similarly, the thoughts (mind) rise from this centre on which they exist and where they are dissolved.

How can a lotus plant grow deep within the Heart or the mind?

How can the feet of Guru-God exist in one’s mind or Heart?

Neither the Heart is physical, nor the Lotus and nor the Feet.

They are without any feature or form – pure consciousness.

Therefore, the “Lotus of the Heart” mentioned in  Gurbani represents a subtle centre and not a physical one. We are guided to intuitively see the Infinite Consciousness as the lotus flower within.

The Heart-Lotus is none other than the Divine Light within everyone.

We are That Light!

In order to realize these “Lotus-Feet”, one needs to link his individual consciousness to the source within through earnest Shabad-Vichaar –Wordless Word Contemplation. Similarly, we are instructed to connect with the infinite music – the unstruck sound or melody within. This is referred  to as “Anhat Dhuni“, “Anhata Baaje“, “Anhata Naad” in Gurbani. So, in order to “look within” one has to focus the attention on this Infinite Consciousness. This un struck melody!

So what is this Anhut Dhuni – Aaoji -let us try to learn more about this in the upcoming webinar.



With Warmest Nanak Love


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