Be Still.


Does it ever feel like you are on a roller coaster called life that seems to have a will of its own, spinning and turning, taking you along for the ride whether you like it or not?

Have you at times wished you could just stop that spinner just long enough to reset the button to another slower pace?

It seems like it is impossible and you are just not able to get off it. It keeps on spinning, and so do you. Just whizzing round and round and time seems to be flying by. Life seems to be passing by as you are watching it, and this realisation is frankly sometimes quite upsetting.

It however is usually momentary. It doesn’t last too long.

But for that split second, when your intuition is trying to speak to you, maybe you realize what the higher purpose of life is or even if there is one.

In the constant whirlwind of doing – acquiring education, wealth, fame, success, familial obligations, this faint flicker of your intuitive realization just remains at a distance. However, when you are in the company of enlightened souls, or Sadh Sangat, this flame begins to get stronger and by and by compels you to look deep within and realize that the present YOU, the one that is masquerading around, is actually not your true self. Somehow this flicker urges you on, never giving up, coaxing you on, until you get on the spiritual roller coaster that begins the unfolding of your consciousness as you spin on it.

The question then arises, how do we change the roller coasters?

Is there anything we can do?

Yes of course we can. While Life has to go on, what has to change is our approach to it. Gurbani guides us to pray without ceasing – pal pal, nimakh nimakhaath pehar.

A tall order you would say. How is that even possible?

It is possible by bringing Presence into everything you do; knowing that it is not you, but God that is doing the work.

 Contemplate on this – Could you do anything without God being with you?

It is our own folly (bhul) that we consider the divine to be separate from us……Tun bharpoor janea menh doorey……..naal hovanda leh na sakanda…..

So the minimum requirement for the reset is this:  

Become aware of His Presence (mindful) at the beginning of each activity (cooking, cleaning, bathing, dancing, singing, studying…).

Practice this. This is your meditation. To see HIM with you.

Don’t get so drawn into the task that you lose yourself. Constantly, pal pal, nimakh nimakhbecome conscious of the ‘DOER”! Remember that you are just an instrument, hired help so to speak.

Learn to Be Still. Observe and Recognize.

Smile, and KNOW that HE is already with you.

When we are restless or unhappy in any given time, it usually means that the future has become more important than the present moment – we are getting lost in doing and forgotten to just BE.

Bauji mentions in his writings the word – SADHA  HUN – The Present moment.

The indication is that the present moment is all we have. He urges us to stay here. Be here!

Here is where the Presence IS, the one you are seeking is here NOW. Don’t make this moment as a means to an end, because it is precious, it’s all you ever have.

The life situation is secondary, like the one we are in right now – social distancing, uncertainty, loneliness. What is primary is your practice of presence, of attention, of awareness.

That is IT! Nothing else to do.

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