In Pursuit of Happiness



When asked the question – Are you happy with your life? Is your life the way you want it to be right now?

Usually the answers begin with –

  • sometimes I’m happy but the happiness never lasts…
  • nope my life is not perfect right now, my life is a little bit stressful, I have lots of worries and often I feel sad...When we feel a bit sad we try and chase after some more happiness, and because we’re always chasing after happiness, we are always worried about where the next happiness is coming from and that creates anxiety.

On the other hand, you might answer to the above question:

Yes, I am very happy. I’m living a very perfect life, I have lots of money, I have really nice things, I have a big comfortable house, flat-screen TV, I have servants serving me, I have fast cars, I have nice clothes, I have a great life, I have good health and a great family.

    If that is what is making you happy, then the questions then arise:

  • What will you do when all those things start falling away?
  • What will you do when your health is no longer there?
  • What will you do when your family are no longer around?
  • What will you do if you start losing money?
  • What if you lose the big house, the big cars?

Then will you still be happy?

We are never just tranquil, steady, still.  We are always chasing after things. Constantly asking for just one more thing, saying, if i get this, then I will be happy. Happiness always seems to be just around the corner, not now, not until, but when I get this or that and always tomorrow. Things. Things. Things.

The mind exists in a state of ‘not enough’ and so is always greedy for more. When we are identified with the mind (the ego) we get bored and restless very easily. Our mind seems to be hungry for more stimulus, more food for thought. When we feel bored we usually satisfy our craving with things like reading magazines, calling someone, watching TV, going on social media, shopping or excessive eating. The mind is the master and we are its slaves. It says jump and we jump.

Now let’s see how enlightened souls are able to be so happy ALL the time, regardless of what they have or not have. It is because they have recognized the mind for the slave master it is by observing it, and in that recognition, it has disappeared. In the home of their self an inner space has opened up, where stillness has entered and the SELF is steady, followed with abundance of joy.

What if we could find that kind of happiness in our life?

A happiness that is everlasting, one that is not dependent on what’s happening in the material world, but full of contentment, stillness.

Gurbani shows us the way– why are you looking for happiness without, outside of yourself with materialistic things, look within and recognize the wealth of unlimited- abundant euphoria. In order for us to begin this journey to discover the joy within (some of you have already started) Bauji guides us about the many ways we enslave ourselves to the MIND, which then takes us on a path which leads to unhappiness, stress and anxiety. In the upcoming webinar we will examine these bondages and then try to pave a path to the INNER SELF in the light of Gurbani.


The need to strive for, to cultivate inner peace, freedom and joy has become particularly important and urgent in the current times of turmoil which disturbs almost everyone in the world. We are all looking for that deep calm which can only be brought about by a higher consciousness.

In order to get freedom from the bondage of self-confirming, crippling thoughts of suffering and fear engulfing almost everyone we have to believe in Divine Omnipresence.

Contemplate for a few moments on what the word Omnipresence implies.

The first word in our scriptures (Guru Granth Sahib Ji) is Ek Onkar – meaning there is only One.

What does this mean to you, the world and the current situation?

We can begin our journey in the direction of happiness ,inner peace, freedom, and joy by developing certain habits:

  • Reading spiritual literature (Gurbani Vichaar),
  • Hearing spiritual wisdom (Gurbani)
  • Associating with those who are on the spiritual path (Sadh Sangat),
  • Practicing mindful meditation (Simran).

The first most important practice is Simran for achieving spiritual discernment and awareness, especially when we contemplate the nature of the Universe; Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient.

The second practice is to move into silence so that you can hear the guiding voice within.

Both these practices bring about an awareness of inner stillness which ultimately begins to break the shackles of our worldly mesmeric bonds and opens up our consciousness to a brand new Divine Realm.

During the webinar will be getting further guidance about the obstacles standing in the way of our finding this inner stillness, by reading Gurbani Vichaar – Bandan Chutan – Freedom from Worldy Entanglements– written by Khoji . Being an enlightened soul, and having reached the higher realms he enlightens us about the various type of bondages we are entangled in. It is only by becoming cognizant of these chains that keep us bound to the hypnotic, fearful world that we can start breaking them, so that we can allow our true nature to emerge- one that is our true SELF, happy, never changing joyful self.

Here is your homework for tomorrow – Could you really work hard on this:)

Please Stay In.

Please Stay Safe.

Please Wash your Hands.

Please Keep your Distance.

Stay in the Moment. 

Eat well. Exercise. Laugh.

                                           Shukar! Shukar! Shukar!

With Warmest Nanak Love


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