The purpose of life is to become a reflection of the Divine Light such that one becomes an instrument through which the Universe operates.

This appears to happen to a selected few and perhaps one can even be led to believe that they are the favoured ones. However, all beings are here for a purpose and each one is fulfilling that purpose according to the Divine Will. 

We might consider that at this moment in time, the current front-liners (Doctors, nurses, other health care and hospital workers, food suppliers etc.) are the chosen ones; ones that have been selected to come to the fore-front for humanity. There is however a difference- some of these workers are serving willingly with all their heart and soul and others are there because they have to be. Both are fulfilling their destiny. 

Seva – Self-less seva – is that act where the volunteers or sevadaars can put the welfare and need of the others before their own. Bhai Khaneya ji comes to mind – even in the midst of battle he served selflessly. He saw everyone as one.

For me this is the  true Khalsa Spirit which is being embodied by all these soldiers of the spirit, endangering and sacrificing their own needs before others. Automatically one feels utter and absolute gratitude for the presence of these divine helpers.

If you click here or on the above picture , you will learn of some of these angelic helpers but let me tell you a short story of how the Divine Will has been graciously operating at our Bunga Sahib in Montreal. 

Just 2-3 years ago, our dwindling Montreal Sangat, which was started back in 1985, was sent an injection of love through an influx of International Students arriving from India. It was a two-way street of love. They were enamoured immediately with the welcoming atmosphere of Warm Nanak Love in the Sangat and in turn they brought with them a new flood of devotion and sincerity. Each Sangat day became like a celebration, as if a Samagam was happening. The sharda (loving devotion) behind the kirtan, langar seva, cleaning everything was at a peak. In fact the very week before the Co-Vid shutdown, a list for seva was put up for our upcoming Samagam and it got filled in about 10 min.

Little did we know what had been happening, what the Divine plan was!

You see if these students had not been at our Bunga, the building would have been closed at this moment, because most of the ‘older’ Sangat was asked to stay indoors. However, these young and energetic team of sevadars, now also an intrinsic part of Khalsa Aid International were able to use the premises for this operation Co-Vid seva. According to one of the organizers (NS), this place, Brahm Bunga Sahib, full of Nanak Love vibrations has been particularly conducive in many many aspects, too many to mention here. 

Can there be any words of gratitude to those who are abiding in the spirit of loving seva? I know that i cannot find those words just can say – Dhan Guru Nanak!.  

We can all aspire to be like such loving soldiers; Bauji guides us in his lekhs on Seva, which we will be reading this week. 


We are guided by Guru Sahib to face all situations in our lives, regardless of their nature, by responding to them with the attitude of seva, a fundamental principle at the core of Sikhism.  

But what kind of seva is this?

 Is it donating money to charity, washing dishes, making langar, cleaning, kirtan etc?

It may have evolved largely to this, but seva comes in many other forms and in difficult times, selfless service may be extremely difficult; an utter surrender of one’s own lifestyle or an extreme sacrifice. It may not even be physical.

 Is it really possible to give to others of yourself without expecting anything in return and is it even possible for an ordinary person to serve others without expecting reward or recognition, or does one have to be a ‘saint’ to engage in such service?

is it possible – yes, absolutely! Do you have to become a ‘saint’- certainly not!  

Everyone is capable of doing seva! In fact we have all been hardwired for it – our true nature is nothing but total love, as we are the very essence of the universe- our true self that recognizes omnipresence at the core of our being, one that Guru Nanak Dev Ji proclaimed as– EK!!

The only problem is that we have forgotten that and have become hypnotized into thinking that we are separate from each other, and we keep on living in the illusory dream reality.

So indeed, we all have the capacity for selfless service; it is not some special skill, it is innate in all of us. In fact, it is one of the most endearing of all human virtues. This selfless service binds the hearts of the served and the one serving.  It is certainly not the domain of rare individuals. It is not confined to a single part of our lives like when we visit the Gurduawara but in our every action and thought, wherever we are.

We simply heed the call of that natural impulse within and follow it where it leads us. We are guided by our Masters (Gur Amardas ji, the epitome of selfless seva set a supreme example). You can do anything with an attitude of selflessness and transform it into seva as long as your work is coming from the heart.

The doorway to spirituality starts with selfless service towards any Divine creation (humans, nature, animals etc.). It leads us to a path of self-realization. When seva is ingrained with unconditional love, humility, sympathy, generosity and mercy, it becomes an act of charity which purifies the heart, washing it of the ego laden burdens.

Seva is more than an altruistic action; it is the gift of giving, without needing to receive.

It is loving kindness at its purest.

It is finding joy in just the offering.

Seva allows us to discover the reward in the act of contributing to others.

Have you ever noticed that there is a beautiful energy that surrounds those that provide selfless actions – it seems like they are shining from the joy of making the world a better place.

In his Gurbani Vichaars on Seva, Bauji leads us on this path of discovery, one of making our entire life a blueprint of selfless seva. He first outlines all the different forms of seva and then reminds us how to get back in tune with our true nature and how to pursue a life of seva by seeing everyone as One and draw from a deep well of love to pour one’s body, breath, and blood into others.

The highest form of seva is to become the LIGHT – thus serving all with your vibrations.



Please Continue to Practice Social Distancing.

Please Stay Safe.

Please Wash your Hands.

Stay in the Moment. 

Eat well. Exercise. Laugh.

  Shukar! Shukar! Shukar!

With Warmest Nanak Love,


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